ここは、イシダノブヒロが撮影した写真を公開するWEBサイトです。 ご質問等は、こちらからお気軽に。

This is a website which exhibits the photographs which Nobuhiro Ishida took. If you have any questions, etc., please do not hesitate to contact me here.


イシダノブヒロは日本の大阪に住む、1982年生まれのファインアートフォトグラファー。2012年、会社の同僚の勧めでデジタル一眼カメラを購入して写真を始めた。2014年、友人からプロフィール写真の撮影を頼まれたことをきっかけに、スタジオでの人物写真に興味を持ち、大阪のコマーシャルフォトグラファーから人物撮影の教えを受ける。2015年からPortrait、Nudeの作品制作を開始する。 2017年からはStill Life作品にも挑戦。

国際写真コンテストへの挑戦は2016年から開始した。Nude、Portrait、Still Lifeの作品で評価を得ており、世界最大級の写真コンテストであるTrierenberg Super Circuitでのゴールドメダル受賞をはじめ、IPA、PX3、MIFA、TIFA、ND Awards、1x Photo Awardsなど、多くのコンテスト入賞実績を持つ。

Nobuhiro Ishida is a fine-art photographer born in 1982 and currently residing in Osaka, Japan. In 2012, he bought a DSLR camera based on the recommendation of a colleague and started taking photos. In 2014, a friend asked him to do a profile photo shoot and he became interested in studio portrait photography. He went on to study portrait photography from a commercial photographer in Osaka. From 2015 he started working on nude portraits. From 2017 he tried his hand at still life photography.

He started submitting his works into international photography contests in 2016. His nude, portrait, and still life works were held in high regard. His works received the gold medal at the world-class Trierenberg Super Circuit photography contest as well as awards at IPA, PX3, MIFA, TIFA, ND Awards, 1x Photo Awards and many others.


Trierenberg Super Circuit International Photography Award - DIGITAL IMAGES + COLOUR SLIDES GENERAL / Gold medal
Art Limited Awards 2020 ≪ Still Life ≫ competition / Winner place #2
Art Limited Awards 2019 ≪ Nude ≫ competition / Winner place #1
Budapest International Foto Awards(BIFA) - Advertising-Beauty / Bronze Winner
International Photography Awards(IPA) - Special-Pets / 2nd Place
Photographer’s Forum magazine’s 38th Annual Spring Photography Contest / Finalist
The Prix de la Photographie Paris(PX3) - Beauty / Gold Winner | Fine Art-Nudes / Bronze Winner
Moscow International Foto Awards(MIFA) - Nature-Pets / Silver Winner
Tokyo International Foto Awards(TIFA) - Nudes / Bronze Winner
International Photography Awards(IPA) One-Shot: Harmony - Honorable Mention
1x Photo Awards - Still Life / Winner
One Eyeland Awards - Fine Art Nudes / Bronze Winner
International Photographer of the Year(IPOTY) - Nudes,Portrait / Honorable Mention
London International Creative Competition(LICC) - Photography Category / Honorable Mention
Monochrome Photography Awards - Conceptual / Honorable Mention
Neutral Density Photography Awards(ND Awards) - Nudes / 2nd Place Silver Star Award
International Photography Awards(IPA) - Nudes,StillLife,Beauty,Advertising:Other / Honorable Mention
Moscow International Foto Awards(MIFA) - Nudes / 3rd Place | Portrait / 3rd Place | Still Life / 3rd Place
The Prix de la Photographie Paris(PX3) - Still Life / 2nd Place
Trierenberg Super Circuit International Photography Award - Nude / Gold medal
Fine Art Photography Awards(FAPA) - Nude,Portrait,Fine Art,Conceptual,Wildlife-Animals / Honorable Mention
PhotoShoot Awards - Academic Nude / Silver Finalist
One Eyeland Awards - Nude / Finalist
Monochrome Photography Awards - Portrait / 3rd Place
London International Creative Competition(LICC) - Photography Category / Honorable Mention
International Photography Awards(IPA) - Nudes / Honorable Mention
The Prix de la Photographie Paris(PX3) - Nudes,Portrait,Fine Art-Other / Honorable Mention